Food Testing Lab In Pune

Welcome to our Food Testing Laboratory, where we are devoted to safeguarding public fitness and ensuring the safety, great, and compliance of meals merchandise. With our superior trying out abilities and know-how, we offer complete trying out answers to food producers, distributors, retailers, and regulatory companies. From nutritional analysis and shelf-existence research to meals quality trying out and adulteration detection, we provide a wide variety of services to fulfill your meals testing desires. Explore how our laboratory can help your food protection tasks and help you supply safe and nutritious food products to purchasers.

Our Food Testing Services

Nutritional Value Analysis : Understanding the dietary composition of meals merchandise is essential for selling wholesome ingesting behavior and meeting regulatory necessities. Our laboratory offers nutritional value evaluation to decide the macronutrient and micronutrient content material of meals products. Whether you need to calculate calorie counts, investigate nutrition and mineral ranges, or examine nutritional fiber content, we offer correct and dependable nutritional evaluation that will help you label your products appropriately and provide consumers with treasured records about their dietary consumption.

Shelf-Life Analysis: Determining the shelf-lifestyles of food products is critical for ensuring product first-rate and protection in the course of storage and distribution. Our laboratory conducts shelf-life analysis studies to assess the stability and deterioration of food merchandise through the years beneath numerous storage situations. By comparing factors consisting of microbial growth, oxidation, and sensory adjustments, we assist meals manufacturers establish realistic expiration dates, optimize garage situations, and decrease food waste.

Food Quality Testing : Maintaining high standards of exceptional is critical for meeting patron expectations and constructing logo reputation. Our laboratory offers complete food great testing offerings to evaluate diverse attributes of meals products, along with appearance, texture, taste, and typical sensory characteristics. Whether you need to evaluate the freshness of seafood, the tenderness of meat, or the taste of dairy products, we provide goal and reliable checking out to make sure that your products meet exceptional requirements and exceed purchaser expectations.

Food Adulteration Testing : Detecting food adulteration is vital for stopping fraud and shielding clients from potentially harmful substances. Our laboratory offers adulteration trying out offerings to perceive the presence of unauthorized materials, which includes contaminants, fillers, components, and adulterants, in meals products. Whether you observed dilution of substances, substitution of decrease-high-quality materials, or contamination with allergens or pathogens, we offer accurate and sensitive testing to make sure the authenticity and safety of your products.

Allergen Testing : Managing allergen dangers is vital for protective clients with food allergic reactions and intolerances. Our laboratory gives allergen checking out offerings to come across the presence of allergenic elements, which includes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, milk, eggs, fish, and shellfish, in meals products. Whether you need to affirm allergen labeling, save you move-contamination, or follow allergen labeling regulations, we provide dependable trying out solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements and guard client health.